About Indulge Sandwich Co

Debbie and Katie first met six years ago when both were employed with a different catering company that Debbie had already spent eight years with. Prior to this Debbie had always worked within the catering industry, amassing 23 years of personal experience that she has brought with her to Indulge Sandwich Co, along with her customer facing approach and great customer service skills.

Debbie’s love for cooking comes from when she was a child and used to watch her grandmother cooking good old fashioned hearty meals, delicious pastries and cakes for the family. Instilling at an early age a passion and direction that would prove to become Debbie’s career choice.

Katie on the other hand was not originally from a catering background, however, as their friendship grew, Debbie took her under her wing and passed on the experience she had picked up over the last 23 years, resulting in Katie now sharing that same passion for catering.

As the friendship continued to blossom over the years working together, their conversations seemed more and more to focus on running their own business and with the backing of both their families this dream became a reality in February of 2011 with the opening of Indulge Sandwich Co. on Princes Avenue in Hull.

Although starting out in business for themselves seemed a very daunting prospect at first, having spent years working for someone else, both the girls now know it was the best move they ever made.
Debbie and Katie pride themselves on creating a warm, friendly and inviting atmosphere in their much loved sandwich bar.

Indulge Sandwich Co. has gone from strength to strength since opening both in the shop and also the outside catering and function sides of the business. With their friendship firmly in place and their families support behind them, Indulge Sandwich Co. truly is a happy family run business.